Kit is often a difficult issue for new sides, and apparently there was a lot of discussion before the Ringheye kit was decided upon. The old Mobberley Morris wore blue and white, which Ringheye decided not to copy. Instead it took the colours from the Mobberley family shield, portrayed in one of the stained-glass windows in St Wilfrid's Church. The colours are silver grey, red and golden yellow, and the shield is reproduced on our badges and our drum.

Women wear a silver-grey dress trimmed with yellow ribbon and white broderie anglaise over a white blouse. A yellow apron goes over the dress, long white socks and bloomers underneath it. Bloomers were once optional but have become almost compulsory, to preserve our dignity! Men wear white shirts, black calf-length breeches, silver-grey waistcoats, yellow-gold cummerbunds and black bowler hats. Women's clogs are burgundy in colour, men's are black.

Each dance is associated with a particular "accessory": we have sticks of 2 different lengths, bobbins from old cotton mills, handkerchiefs for just one dance, and some slings (also known as mollies). These are all in the side colours, and most have been made by side members over the years.

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