Ringheye Morris is a north-west morris side and was founded in Mobberley on 9th April 1983.

Mobberley, near Knutsford in Cheshire, is one of the largest parishes in England. It boasts a large number of churches and chapels, and equally many public houses! The dancers and musicians originally practised at the Methodist Chapel Hall on Pepper Street, after which they would retire to The Chapel House Inn. When the chapel was closed the side moved to the Victory Hall on Church Lane, and sometimes adjourn to Memorial Club.

A team of dancers known as Mobberley Morris had previously existed in the village but had ceased to meet many years before. Founder members of the new side were given the approval of a couple of residents of the village who had danced with the old Mobberley Morris. They were happy to see a new team, but as it was not a revival of the old a different name was needed. Ringheye was chosen, principally because Mobberley stands very close to Manchester Airport. This used to be known as Ringway, a corruption of the old name for the area - Ringhay. As "ringheye" also alludes to a circular hey performed in one of the side's dances, it seemed appropriate.

Ringheye's first official dance-out was at the Mobberley Rose Queen celebration in June 1983. The Rose Queen booking is one which the side try to honour every year, as is the local Knutsford Royal May Day procession. Ringheye has danced at folk-festivals and church fetes, weddings, country shows and carnivals - all the usual haunts of a morris side! During the summer they dance at as many of the local pubs as they can, in the company of other local sides. Perhaps the most enjoyable informal dance-out is the pre-Christmas meeting at The Bird in Hand in Mobberley. Ringheye has been hosting this for many years, and the number of dancers and musicians, friends and relations who turn out for the occasion increases every time.

In September 2015 Ringheye moved to Knutsford to be nearer its catchment pool!

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