Ringheye Morris are available for bookings throughout the year. However, you need to give us plenty of notice - particularly during the summer when we are often busy. We all have other lives and it can also take some time to verify that we have enough people available.

If you have an event in mind then first check our diary to make sure we are not already busy and then contact our secretary with all the relevant details.

dance surface

We wear wooden-soled clogs and need a firm, flat, level surface to dance on. Flag-stones and decking (dry!) are ideal. Tarmac is okay but can get tiring if the surface is loose. Grass is no good because it absorbs the energy of our clogs and cobbles are just too dangerous!

We can dance indoors but be aware that our clogs have rubber soles and these may leave scuff marks on the floor.

dance area

We usually dance in a formation of eight dancers plus two or three musicians. We ask that you reserve an area at least 8m x 12m (25' x 40') for us plus space for the audience.


We usually charge 100 per booking but this may increase if there is a lot of travel involved.

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